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Sc200/200G medium Speed variable Frequency Construction lift

Name:Sc200/200G medium Speed variable Frequency Construction lift

Category:Construction lifts

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  Construction elevators are usually called construction lifts. Lifts include a broader definition. Simple construction elevators are composed of cars, driving mechanisms, standard sections, attached walls, chassis, fences, electrical systems, and so on.
The construction lift produced in our country is becoming more and more mature and gradually moving towards the world.
Product parameters

Sc200/200G medium Speed Frequency conversion Construction Elevator / Construction Elevator / Rack Freight Elevator
Project Parameters Unit Remarks
Rated load 2000/2000 kg  
Rated lifting speed 0-60 m/min Provide gear reducer according to customer's request
Maximum installation height 380 m  
Maximum lifting height 374 m  
Cage inner space 3*15 mxm It can also be customized according to customer requirements
Internal height of cage 2.2/2 m  
Starting current 270/180 a  
Working current 70/45 a  
Motor power 15'3 ordinary mechanism / 13Mur22. 5'2 frequency conversion mechanism kw jc=100% / jc=25
Standard section quality 150.170.195 kg  
Self-weight of whole machine  20 T H=150m
Speed ratio 1:10 turbine mechanism / 17.1 gear mechanism    

Enterprise introduction.
Baoliang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin, originated in 1997, passed ISO9001 international quality certification, and is the first and only special equipment manufacturing license approved by the people's Republic of China in North and Northeast China.
To provide users with ZUI perfect products as our business mission, in the customer support and affirmation in the development and growth.
After years of efforts, our company has developed an enterprise known as a production base covering a total area of about 330mu (140000 square meters), integrating the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of construction equipment.
Common sense: lubrication of sc200/200G lift.
When installing the new sc200/200G medium-speed frequency conversion construction elevator, the reducer should be refueled to the designated oil level first, and all the parts should be fully lubricated.
After the first 40 hours of operation, the reducer must change the oil and then follow the table below: (full lubrication can also be carried out once a week).

The Lubrication of sc200/200G medium Speed Frequency conversion Construction Elevator
Interval Lubrication position Lubricant Dosage Description
40 working hours.
At any time, at least once a month.
Reducer N320 turbine lubricating oil   Check oil level
Rack Calcium base grease   Lower the lift and stop using it when grease is applied.
2-3 hours to condense grease
Safety device Calcium base grease   Nozzle filling
100 working hours Roller wheel Calcium base grease   Nozzle filling
At least 6 times a year Back wheel Calcium base grease   Nozzle filling
  Introduction to door 2x gear oil   Drip
400 working hours.
At least four times a year
Electric box door hinge 2x gear oil   Drip
Electric brake cone sleeve 2x gear oil   Drip, do not drip onto the friction disk
1000 working hours.
At least once a year, at least once a year.
Reducer N320 turbine lubricating oil 2.5L
Change oil
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