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Gantry frame

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  Gantry frame (sse150 cargo lift) is a new type of vertical transport machinery, used in building structure, internal and external decoration and all kinds of housing projects.
The utility model has the advantages of wide practicability, convenient erection, safe use, convenient maintenance, low price and so on.
Gantry (sse150 cargo lift) features:
1. The gantry frame is equipped with a Jack-up device, which can be erected and dismantled independently by the working mechanism provided by itself.
The height increases with the rise of the building, the erection is labor-saving and the cost is low.
2. the attachment rod is used and the wind rope is not used, so the construction condition is improved.
3. There are always two columns connected during erection and disassembly, and the work is stable, safe and reliable.
4. The lifting platform is lifted by hand hoist, the standard section is installed with pick rod, and the labor intensity is low.
5. the safety protection device of broken rope is adopted. once the rope is broken for some reason, the boards installed on both sides of the gondola will hold the gondola in the air to prevent the hanging blue falling to the ground.
6. There is a floor-stopping device, which can be selected as needed. This item can be ordered separately from our company. The sse150 cargo elevator leaves the factory with a basic height of 24m. If users need to increase or decrease the height, you can put forward it to our company.
Product parameters

Basic parameters of gantry (sse150 cargo lift)
Design project Data
Installation height(m) 72 63 54 45 36 27 24
Lifting height(m) 69 60 51 42 33 24 21
Maximum lifting weight(t) 1.2 1.5
Basket bottom area(m) 3.5*1.7
Hoist model JK1.25T
Lifting speed(m/min) 22
Working environment temperature(°C) -20 ~ 40

Common sense: maintenance, maintenance and Transportation of sse150 Freight Lifts.
1. Hoist and hoisting pulley bearings should be filled with lubricating oil frequently.
The hoist shall be oiled according to its operating instructions.
Fill the pulley bearing with 7ZG-2 lubricating oil.
2. in general, every month or after the rainstorm, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the fastening of the sunken bolts on the foundation of the gantry elevator, the wear of the wire rope and the tilt of the column, and repair in time when problems are found.
3. At the end of each project, the removed standard section, hanging basket, platform and other structures should be thoroughly cleaned, rusted and painted.
Motor, manual hoist for maintenance.
4. During storage, random stacking, collision and extrusion are prohibited and put in order.
When transporting, it should be bundled firmly.
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