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sc100 / 100 cargo construction lift

Name:sc100 / 100 cargo construction lift

Category:Construction lifts

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  The scope of the construction lift is very extensive, among which the sc100/100 cargo construction lift is a very representative machine for transporting goods from a high altitude, which is very suitable, and the performance of this lift is also very excellent.
In the general type of construction site is a very common material hoist in a very common mechanical model, then we will do a detailed understanding of this material hoist.
Product parameters:

Detailed parameters of sc100/100 cargo construction lift
Project Unit Parameters
Erection height m Independent height Maximum attachment height
10.5 100
Cage lifting height m 6 94
Single cage rated quality improvement kg 1000
Rated lifting speed m/min 28(33)
Standard section size.
(length * width * height)
mm 650*650*1508
Cage size.
(length * width * height)
mm 3000*1300*2000
Cage quality kg 2*960
Counterweight mass kg 2*900
Motor model ~ power   YZZ123M-4      15(11)kw
Input voltage v 380(±5%)
Working environment temperature °C -20 - - 40
Whole machine quality(100m) T 16.5

Baoliang Construction Machinery knowledge Repository: operation of sc100/100 cargo Construction Elevator.
before the lift is operated, the following work should be carried out.
The main contents are as follows: 1. the driver on duty must carefully read the operation record of the driver at work and solve the problem in time.
2. if the weather is cold in winter and the temperature is low, and when it is difficult for the elevator to start, it can be tested up and down several times after starting, so as to make the oil temperature of the reducer tend to normal.
the operation of the lift must be carried out in accordance with the following operating procedures:
1. the driver must be healthy and free from heart disease and hypertension.
2. drivers should receive special training and pass the examination before they can take up the post with a certificate;
3. it shall not be operated under overload or partial load, and shall not be mixed with people and goods;
4. drivers are strictly prohibited from drunken operation or non-driver operation;
5. when loading articles, it is strictly forbidden to extend them beyond the cage so as to avoid danger during operation.
6. when the wind reaches level 6 or above, the lift shall not operate and the cage shall be stopped to the lowest level;
7. every time after work, you must turn off the power switch, make a good duty record, and lock the guardrail door.
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