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Sc200/200G medium and low speed construction hoist

Name:Sc200/200G medium and low speed construction hoist

Category:Construction lifts

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  SC200/200G medium speed construction lift is a new generation of construction lift products launched by Baoliang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
It has the remarkable characteristics of advanced technical performance, safe and reliable use, convenient maintenance and so on.
It is the most ideal vertical transportation equipment for modern construction.
Because this machine adopts computer-aided design, compared with the traditional construction elevator, it has some advantages, such as beautiful shape, light structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, safe and reliable, strong applicability, wide use and so on.
After installing VVVF speed regulation and PLC control, 0~68m/min stepless speed regulation and automatic layer selection and leveling can be realized to meet the different needs of different users.
It has better technical performance, safer and reliable working mechanism and more compact structure.
SC200/200G medium speed variable frequency construction lift / construction elevator / rack freight elevator / small cargo elevator parameter table
Project Parameters Unit Remarks
Rated load 2000/2000 KG  
Rated lifting speed 0~60 m/min Provide gear reducer according to customer's request
Maximum installation height 380 m  
Maximum lifting height 374 m  
Cage inner space 3x1.5 mxm Can also be customized according to customer requirements
Internal height of cage 2.2/2 m  
Starting current 270/180 A  
Working current 70/45 A  
Motor power 15x3 general mechanism / 13~22.5x2 frequency conversion mechanism kw JC=100%/JC=25
Standard section quality 150.170.195 kg  
Self-weight of whole machine 20 t H=150m
Speed ratio 1:10 turbine mechanism / 17.1 gear mechanism    

A brief introduction to the principle of structure.
Sc200/200G medium speed variable frequency construction lift mainly includes the following parts: rail frame, limiting device, driving unit, electric control box in cage, driving board, anti-falling safety device, electrical system, hanging cage, bottom limit, bottom protective net, cable spool,
Attachment frame, cable guide frame, cable boom, cage top fence, electric boom and so on.
Requirements for sc200/200g lift installers.
1. The installation personnel of sc200/200g medium speed frequency conversion construction lift must be specially trained, familiar with the main performance and characteristics of sc200/200g lift, skilled machine operation skills and the ability to remove general faults.
2. the installers should be in good health, free from hypertension, heart disease and other diseases, and have a certain level of education.
3. installers must wear necessary safety protection equipment, such as safety helmets, seat belts, etc. installation and operation after drinking is strictly prohibited.
4. The installation process should follow the command and must not go its own way.
5. the installers shall work in the designated posts and shall not leave or exchange posts with each other without authorization.
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