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Height requirements at the free end of the construction elev

Author:宝亮建机Source: 升降机 Time:2019-12-19

Construction elevator is a commonly used material and personnel transportation equipment in the construction site. In order to ensure construction safety, there is a requirement for the height of the free end. Next, we will work with Baoliang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to find out how suitable is the downgrade free end Right.

Height of free end of construction elevator with wall bracket and wall pole
I. What is the height of the free end of the construction elevator?

I often heard that the free end height of the lift is limited, but I do not know the specific definition of the free end. The free end height can be summarized in one sentence:

The distance between the last wall attachment of the elevator and the top of the construction worker's price is called the height of the free end of the construction elevator.

2. Free end height requirements

According to the jgj215-2010 construction elevator regulations, there is no specific specification for the height of the free end of the construction elevator, but before the elevator leaves the factory, the manufacturer will have detailed instructions for use, we should follow the instructions in the instructions.

3. Height of construction elevator

Depending on the model, the lifting height of the construction lift is different

1.sc type construction lift maximum lifting height

SC type construction elevator height parameter table sc100 sc100A sc100 / 100 sc160 sc200 sc160 / 160 sc200 / 200
100m 150m 150m 200m 300m 200m 300m

According to the data in the table, the maximum lifting height of the sc-type construction elevator is 300m.

2.ss type construction elevator maximum lifting height

The material hoist is different from the construction hoist. The lifting height of the material hoist can be distinguished by an elevated and a low rack.

1) 30m and below are low shelves

2) 31m-150m is elevated

Therefore, the maximum lifting height of the ss type material hoist is 150m.

Summary: The height of the free end of the construction elevator is not required, but the manufacturer will attach a description for the height of the free end of each elevator. We should strictly follow the instructions of the construction elevator manufacturer during use.
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