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Drivers of construction elevator safety operation regulation

Author:宝亮建机Source: 升降机 Time:2019-12-19

Drivers of construction lifts

Drivers of construction elevator safety operation regulations
1. Overload, not exceeding the number of people

2. There is a problem with the safety device.

3. The materials are placed disorderly, unreliably and unreliably

4. The volume of the transported goods exceeds the size of the hanging cage, and the elevator door is not closed tightly.

5. The length of the material is beyond the range of the safety window.

6. Construction elevator failure handlers do not open to leave the maintenance station

7. Floor door, car door is not closed

8. The running speed of the hanging cage exceeds or is lower than the normal speed.

9. If the person inside the ladder cage probes the brain, stick his body out of the ladder cage and keep it open.

10. The elevator is not normal, the sound is wrong, and there is an abnormal feeling that it will not open.

Safety Problems Existing in Construction Site Lifts
Drivers of construction elevator safety operation regulations
1. Overload (overload protector failure) seriously threatens the safe operation of the construction elevator.

2. The service life of parts exceeds the scrap life required by machinery and equipment.

3. Daily inspection found that there were more problems with the attached wall.

4. Common cage door interlocking fault conditions.

5. There are problems with the floor protection door and the unloading platform.

6. Other problems: After installing the guide rail frame, the floor is raised, the communication equipment is not installed in a timely manner, and the upper and lower personnel cannot be contacted, which not only affects the construction progress, but also hidden safety hazards. In addition, ground protection and lightning protection devices have been installed according to regulations , The ground-level entrance protection shed does not meet the requirements.

Construction elevator safety operation regulations
Drivers of construction elevator safety operation regulations
1. After the lift is installed, it should be checked and accepted. After passing the test, it can be operated and used. The lift must be operated by a person with a driving certificate, and no-load and overload tests should be performed to lift the lift car off the ground by about 1M. , Check the elasticity of the brake and confirm that it is normal before putting it into operation.

2. The construction elevator is operated by a special person. Before starting, please check the steel wire rope, ground anchor and cable wind rope. It can be used only after the no-load operation is qualified. When the elevator driver leaves, the elevator should be parked on the ground and cut off the power.

3. It is strictly forbidden to carry people on the material lifting machine. When the safety device is reliable, the unloading personnel can work in the gondola. It is strictly forbidden that the elevator is overloaded. The elevator must be stopped and running when it is maintained.

4. It is forbidden to climb the main body of the lifting frame and the bottom surface of the lifting frame; the lift cables should not be removed at will.

5. The lift should be provided with sensitive and reliable contact signal devices so that all operating floors can contact the driver.

6. The deformation of the lifting frame body and track must be corrected in time.

7. Within 2.5M around the car at the bottom of the elevator, stable protective railings must be provided. The bridges and transport passages of each platform should be flat and firm, and the railings at the entrance and exit should be safe and reliable.

8. Safety devices such as speed limiters and brakes must be managed by a person, and commissioned and inspected in accordance with regulations to maintain their sensitivity.

9. When the construction elevator car is full of personnel, the load should be evenly distributed, overloading is strictly prohibited, and the handling weight is strictly controlled.

10. When the elevator runs to the top and bottom floors, it is still necessary to operate the button. It is strictly forbidden that the travel limit switch automatically collides to stop.

11. When using a multi-layer structure for cross-operation and simultaneous use of the lift, the signal connection must be clear. If the wind reaches level 6 or above, stop lifting and lower the lift to the lowest point.

12. Before the elevator cuts off the main power switch, the driver must not leave the operating position. After the operation is completed, lower the elevator to the lowest level, pull each control switch to zero, cut off the power, and lock the brake box door and elevator door .

As equipment for high-rise buildings, if the equipment itself or the operation is negligent, it is likely to cause safety accidents, so drivers and maintenance personnel must be meticulous and meticulous when working with construction elevators.
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