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Concrete mixing station

Hzs180 concrete mixing plant

Name:Hzs180 concrete mixing plant

Category:Concrete mixing station

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  Hzs180 concrete mixing plant combines domestic and international advanced technology in concrete factory manufacturing.
These concrete batch plants are designed to maximize your productivity, mix quality, and return on investment.
It has the characteristics of reasonable layout, stable operation and advanced control system, and is suitable for large and medium-sized construction projects and precast concrete component plants.
HZS180 fixed central batching plant can produce 180m3 of concrete per hour.
The concrete mixing station is equipped with a biaxial concrete mixer with a productivity of 180m / h and a PLD4800 four-box mixer with a JS3000, batching capacity of 180m / h and an efficient centralized control system.
Product parameters:

Hzs180 concrete mixing plant
Parameter name Mixing station model
HZS180 2HZS180
Productivity rate 180m³/h 360m³/h
Mixer model JS2000 JS3000
Stirring electric power 2*55KW 4*55KW
Stirring period 60s 60s
Nominal capacity of mixer 3000L 3000L
Large granularity
Φ150mm Φ150mm
Powder silo capacity 4x200t 8x200t
Batching capacity of batching station 4800L 4800L
Aggregate silo capacity 4X25m³ 8X25m³
Aggregate type 4 4
Productivity of aggregate belt conveyor 700t/h 700t/h
Screw conveyor.
Large productivity
110t/h 110t/h
Discharge height 4.1m 4.1m
Weighing range and accuracy of aggregate (0-3000)±2%kg (0-3000)±2%kg
Weighing range and accuracy of cement (0-1800)±1%kg (0-1800)±1%kg
Weighing range and accuracy of fly ash (0-1000)±1%kg (0-1000)±1%kg
Water weighing range and accuracy (0-800)±1%kg (0-800)±1%kg
Weighing range and accuracy of admixture (0-80)±1%kg (0-80)±1%kg

Product advantages:
Excellent blending effect.
The main mixer of hzs180 concrete mixing station adopts JS3000 biaxial forced mixer, which is uniform and fast, and is suitable for the production of dry hard, plastic and all kinds of concrete.
The total storage system adopts PLD4800 batching machine with high production efficiency.
Robust aesthetic structure design.
The concrete factory is modular, compact structure design, fast installation and high stability. The main factory adopts disassembly and assembly structure, phenolic foam sandwich board, spacious and comfortable control room.
The utility model adopts a high-quality concrete batching machine with a large opening and improves the adaptability of the aggregate.
The high stability inclined belt conveyor adopts nylon inner core material, long service life, front rake roller to prevent deviation, set cover in the belt lead to effectively prevent the material from flying.
High reliability.
The components which can play an important role in the performance and reliability of the whole concrete plant are the products of international or domestic well-known enterprises, which can effectively reduce the failure rate and improve the reliability and maintainability of the equipment.
Easy to Maintain.
Each maintenance and repair part of the batching plant is equipped with fashion tables or ladders, in addition to sufficient operating space to provide an intuitive and intuitive perspective to inspect and repair machines.
The main mixer of the batching equipment is equipped with automatic cleaning device, when the machine is short of oil or the temperature is too high, equipped with automatic alarm device, easy to maintain.
Centralized control system.
There are three modes of operation: automatic, semi-automatic and manual to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process;
Omni-directional real-time monitoring of production operation;
Reports can be classified search, can also be customized;
You can search for production data on your computer.
Remote control and service are instant and fast.
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