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Concrete mixing station

Hzs120 concrete mixing plant

Name:Hzs120 concrete mixing plant

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  HZS120 central concrete mixing station is a multi-functional actuator for wet batch operation.
Unique material emissions improve the quality of concrete, while compact footprint and low height minimize setup costs.
The HZS120 concrete mixing plant can produce 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour.
The concrete plant is equipped with a biaxial concrete mixer JS2000 with a productivity of 120m / h and a PLD3200 four-box batching machine with a batching capacity of 160m / h.
Hzs120 Compact concrete mixing Station is mainly composed of biaxial concrete mixer, PLD batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, conveyor belt, PC control system and weighing system.
This kind of concrete plant can be used to produce plastic concrete, hard and dry concrete.
In addition, hzs120 concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of high production efficiency, short mixing time and beautiful appearance, which makes it an ideal concrete production equipment for the manufacture of large and medium-sized projects, bridges, precast concrete and concrete modular products.
Product parameters:

Detailed parameters of Hzs120 mixing Station
Parameters of HZS120 mixing station
Rated productivity
120m3/h Aggregate type 4
Mixer model JS2000 Discharge height 4.1m
Stirring electric power 2×37kw Installed capacity 210kw
Stirring period 60s Weighing range and accuracy of aggregate (0-3000)±2%kg
Nominal capacity of mixer 2000L Weighing range and accuracy of cement (0-1200)±1%kg
Powder silo capacity 4×200t Weighing range and accuracy of fly ash (0-500)±1%kg
Batching capacity of batching machine 3200L Water weighing range and accuracy (0-600)±1%kg
Aggregate silo capacity 4×25m3 Weighing range and accuracy of admixture (0-50)±1%kg
Product advantages:
In the whole concrete plant, powder silo, main steel structure, mixer and centralized control room are modular designed to facilitate transportation and installation.
In addition, it can greatly save freight costs, shorten the installation time, so as to improve economic benefits; the concrete mixing station can be flexibly set up according to the user's installation site and actual requirements.
Excellent environmental performance.
Hzs120 concrete mixing plant is equipped with dedusting system, the main equipment includes dust collector and powder silo, which can collect the powder produced in the process of concrete production, which can effectively reduce dust pollution and meet environmental standards.
Simple maintenance.
The spatial layout of the main factory building adopts a new type of design, and the operation and maintenance is simple.
There are many repair boards in the main concrete factory, which can facilitate the maintenance and repair process.
The hopper cover with the original design can replace the lining plate, which makes it easier to monitor the operating conditions.
The main cover of the mixer adopts anti-caking design and is equipped with multiple inspection holes for easy cleaning.
Reliable security.
The electrical layout and installation of concrete mixing stations take into account the safety of workers.
A number of safety switches have been installed throughout the plant to minimize the risk of injury;
The double bus structure control and the all-digital transmission mode can realize the remote control of an independent control room, which makes the working environment of the operator more comfortable.
The concrete mixing plant uses high-performance hardware, for example, electronic control components from well-known manufacturers around the world to ensure stable and reliable operation;
The powder silo of hzs120 concrete plant adopts ring beam structure, which improves the overall safety and makes the operation more reliable.
The main components of the hybrid equipment will be delivered after preassembly.
Factory production can ensure product quality;
The main engine discharge door of the mixer is equipped with software and hardware double insurance, which can completely solve the unloading speed and supporting problems.
An easy-to-operate computer control system.
The Hzs120 compact concrete mixing plant adopts a computer control system which can be operated automatically and manually.
The dynamic panel can clearly and accurately display the running status of the equipment, which is helpful for the operator to monitor the production process.
In addition, it can be used to print reports.
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