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Concrete mixing station

Hzs90 concrete mixing plant

Name:Hzs90 concrete mixing plant

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  HZS90 wet-mixed concrete mixing plant can produce 90 cubic meters of concrete per hour.
The wet concrete mixing station is equipped with 90m ³/ h biaxial concrete mixer, JS1500120m ³/ h PLD2400 batching machine and 80t / h screw conveyor.
Hzs90 concrete mixing station is mainly composed of cement silo, screw conveyor, PLD batching machine, biaxial concrete mixer, PC control system and weighing system.
The HZS90 concrete mixing plant is made of the best structure and steel plate to ensure the highest quality.
The service life of the concrete mixing station is several times longer than that of similar concrete mixing stations.
Hzs90 concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of good mixing effect, high efficiency and advanced technology. It is suitable for large-scale building, hydropower, highway, bridge and other construction projects and commercial concrete production plant.
The Camelway hzs series of concrete mixing stations are designed to optimize production efficiency, concrete mixture quality and return on investment.
Product parameters
Detailed parameters of Hzs90 mixing station
Parameter name HZS90 / 2HZS90 mixing station model
HZS90 2HZS90
Productivity rate 90m³/h 180m³/h
Mixing engine model JS1500 JS2000
Number and power of stirring motor 2X30KW 4X30KW
Stirring period 60s 60s
Mixer capacity 1500升 1500升
Large granularity
Φ100mm Φ100mm
Quantity and capacity of powder silo 3x100t 6x100t
Batching capacity of batching station 2400升 2400升
Aggregate silo capacity 4X10.2m³ 8X10.2m³
Aggregate type 4 4
Productivity of aggregate belt conveyor 500t/h 500t/h
Screw conveyor.
Large productivity
80t/h 80t/h
Discharge height 4.1m 4.1m
Installed capacity 172KW 2X172KW
Product details:
Hybrid system.
Hzs90 concrete mixing system adopts JS1500 concrete mixer, which has strong mixing performance, high production efficiency and consistent mixing effect.
Converged storage system.
Aggregate storage system using PLD2400 concrete batching machine, using electric sub-scale, microcomputer control, digital display, console operation technology, fast response and accurate measurement.
Integrated conveying system.
The aggregate conveying system of concrete plant adopts inclined belt conveyor to ensure stable and reliable operation.
The inclined belt is closely installed, the sealing property is good, and the dust pollution can be reduced; the weight tensioning device is adopted, the conveying angle is less than 20 °, and the operation is reliable; it is provided with a material overflow port, which can effectively prevent the dispersion of dust and gravel.
Automatic control system.
The hzs90 concrete mixing plant adopts a dual-machine control system, which can ensure the normal operation of the whole set of equipment when switching between the two machines.
The dynamic panel can clearly and accurately display the running status of the equipment, which is helpful for the operator to monitor the on-site work process.
In addition, it can be used to print reports.
Product advantages:
Intelligent operating system.
The intelligent operating system makes this concrete batching equipment easy to operate.
The HZS90 concrete mixing plant adopts the full automatic control system to carry on the aggregate batching, weighing, feeding, water supply, mixing, unloading and other processes, the operation is simple and convenient.
High precision weighing system.
High-precision weighing system can ensure the quality of concrete.
Whether it is aggregate, powder, admixture or water, they all use high-precision sensors to fully ensure the accurate measurement and stable production performance of the concrete plant.
Environmentally friendly type.
The conveying, weighing and feeding processes of all kinds of powder are in a closed state;
The main workshop of the batching plant is equipped with pulse collector and induced draft fan at the entrance to absorb the dust in the places where dust is easy to be produced, such as aggregate, mixer main engine, powder weighing hopper and so on.
The main workshop of the concrete mixing station adopts a fully enclosed structure to reduce dust and noise pollution.
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