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Concrete mixing station

HZS60 concrete mixing plant

Name:HZS60 concrete mixing plant

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  HZS60 Commercial concrete mixing Station is a new type of mixed earth machinery and equipment developed by Baoliang Construction Machinery Enterprise. it digests and absorbs the experience of overseas technology and equipment research and development, and is in a leading position in China.
This kind of commercial concrete mixing station is mainly used in medium and large building construction, precast concrete processing plant and industrial reinforced concrete processing plant.
Product details.
Sturdy mixer structure.
The JS1000 concrete mixer used in the hzs60 concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of shafts, arms, cutting tools and linings, all of which are made of special wear-resistant metal materials and have a strong and durable structure.
Weighing system.
The weighing system of concrete plant, including aggregate, powder and liquid weighing parts, plays an important role in improving the quality of concrete and reducing the production cost of concrete.
The main components of its weighing control adopt international advanced technology and microcomputer, which has the function of automatic drop correction, which ensures the accuracy and stability of measurement.
Conveying system.
The conveying system of concrete factory is mainly composed of three parts: aggregate, powder and liquid transportation.
Powder storage system.
It uses a cement silo with a drum supporting structure to store powder materials.
A dust removal device is installed at the top of the cement silo to prevent dust leakage, and an arch crusher is arranged at the bottom of the cement cylinder to prevent dust caking and smooth discharge of the powder.
Or it is possible to use a bulk cement truck to blow cement into the silo.
In addition to storing bulk cement in concrete mixing plants, the truck can also be used as storage equipment for buildings, civil construction, roads, bridges, water conservancy works and precast concrete plants.
Air system.
The air system of the hzs60 concrete mixing station, which mainly includes a set of air compressors, is the executive device of the concrete mixing station.
It is used to open or close the doors of aggregate storage tanks and the discharge doors of mixers and cement scales.
The concrete mixing plant system can be used to ensure accurate weighing of aggregates, powders and additives to meet the loading task of the final product.
Product parameters

Detailed parameters of HZS60 mixing station
Parameters of HZS60 mixing equipment
Productivity rate(m³/h) 60
Mixing engine Model js1000
Aggregate size(mm) ≤80
Mainframe power(kw) 2*18.5
Productivity rate(m³/h) 50-60
Batching bin Model PLD1600
Power(kw) 30
Weighing range and accuracy Aggregate(kg) ±2%
Cement(kg) ±1%
Fly ash(kg) ±1%
water(kg) ±1%
Admixture(kg) ±1%
Total power(kw) 130
Discharge height(m) 4.1

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