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Is the construction elevator the same as the construction li

Author:天津宝亮建机Source: 施工电梯 Time:2019-12-19
It is not wrong to say that the construction elevator is the construction elevator, but if the construction elevator is the construction elevator, it is not rigorous enough. the construction elevator includes a broader definition, and the construction platform is also part of the construction elevator.
The simple construction elevator is composed of car, driving mechanism, standard section, attached wall, chassis, fence, electrical system and so on.
Because of its unique cabinet structure, it is a kind of construction machinery for carrying people and goods commonly used in buildings, which is comfortable and safe to ride.
Construction elevators are usually used with tower cranes at the construction site.
The general load is 5 tons and the running speed is 60 M / min.
Double cage construction elevator picture
Basic composition and working principle of Construction Elevator.
The construction lift adopts modular structure.
During the construction process, the elevator must be transferred with the construction project, so its structure must be easy to disassemble and assemble.
For example, after use is complete, the elevator is taken apart and transported to another construction site.
It will be reassembled in the project and will continue to be used.
The construction lift moves up and down through the wire rope.
Most of the elevator parts are fixed on the building, and the main load is carried by the building.
Its up and down motion is realized by wire rope.
The construction lift has a car on the part and on the other side.
For counterweight, they are connected by wire rope.
The wire rope is driven by the drive device in the elevator engine room, which makes the elevator car and counterweight move up and down the guide rail in the shaft.
What are the types of construction elevators.
The common construction elevator types are: SC100 single cage, 1000kg construction elevator, SC200, SC100/100 double cage, each cage load is 1000kg, SC200/200, SC200/200P double cage frequency conversion construction elevator, SC200/200Z double cage medium speed construction elevator.
As to whether the construction elevator and the construction elevator are the same thing, I believe everyone can have a certain understanding after reading the introduction of this article.
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