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High quality after-sales service is more important than anything else.
Excellent products must be matched with high-quality service in order to become the leader of the equipment industry of building concrete mixing plant.
Perfect service system ensures that we can provide satisfactory services for every user, detailed pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale system for you to solve all the worries.
I. pre-sales services.
1. information registration: business personnel will record your needs in detail and carefully.
2. recommended solution: recommend a general solution for you according to your needs and conditions.
3. data determination: determine the specific data through detailed communication and on-site measurement.
4. record data: requirements for technicians to record real and specific data.
5. design scheme: the technical staff will tailor the product scheme for you according to the data requirements.
6. determine the plan: communicate with you, determine the final production plan, and issue a configuration list.
7. sign a contract: you sign a contract with a business person.
8. Pay the deposit: pay the deposit of 20%, 50%, 50% for the product.
II. Services in Sale.
1. Issue drawings: technicians issue foundation drawings according to the configuration list.
2. Assign tasks: issue production tasks according to the configuration list identified in the presales service.
3. Arrange production: each workshop begins to produce the products ordered by the user.
4. Quality acceptance: acceptance of products by quality Inspection Department.
5. Finished product storage: painting and inventory after the product is qualified.
6. Payment of balance: customer pays the rest of the goods.
7. Notify shipment: negotiate and determine the time of shipment.
8. Installation and debugging: field installation and commissioning products.
9. Customer acceptance: customer site acceptance.
10. Archiving: drawings, contracts archiving
III. After-sales service.
1. Problem registration: 24-hour telephone is available to register the issues described in the customer's incoming call in detail and determine the distribution of responsibilities.
2. Telephone guidance: according to the distribution of responsibilities, arrange for a special person to call back, be able to telephone guidance of the problem, quickly deal with.
3. Door-to-door service: for customers who need to solve problems on site, arrange door-to-door service for after-sales personnel in a timely manner.
During the warranty period: according to the cause of the problem, the responsibility is divided,
A. Responsibility: if the problem belongs to the manufacturer's quality responsibility, the manufacturer shall be responsible for free maintenance, replacement of spare parts free of charge, troubleshooting according to the problems mentioned by the customer, and submitted to the customer for acceptance.
B. Customer responsibility: the failure caused by improper operation of the customer shall be resolved through consultation between the customer and the manufacturer.
(2) outside the warranty period: the manufacturer explains the charging standard to the customer, eliminates the trouble according to the problem mentioned by the customer, and submits it to the customer for acceptance. After the completion of the warranty period, the manufacturer charges the relevant fee according to the charging standard.
4. Return maintenance: after communicating with customers, for the products that need to be returned to the factory for maintenance, the manufacturer cooperates with the customer to return the products to the factory, and the maintenance method and process are the same as the door-to-door service.
5. Archiving: after the maintenance is completed, the manufacturer will archive the records of the maintenance process for future tracking services.
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